Viscose based yarns that Gokcag Textile produces is being presented to customer’s regard with production method difference, advantages that yarn features provide and high quality that it gains in specialist hands. Gokcag Textile that accelerates enterprises in its sector has become a leader in world standards in quality with yarn production. With Trushler Brand Harman Hallac Cer machines and Murata Vortex system, our yarns have gained the best quality values that is possible. Our yarn production facility that we started with 5 tons in a day increases its production capacity every year toward its growing demand

Vortex Spinning is a technology which uses air-driven Vortex to spin yarn. These yarns that is generated by air flow have a unique quality.  And this gives a very wide range of functionality to the yarn. Vortex is creating a new wave in the fashion world.


Vortex yarn is a new type of yarn type that is different from all the others known. Vortex has been created by air-driven yarn spinning technology.  It is a quality yarn that is in high functionality and can be adapted to fashion. With Vortexair, creating unique yarns adds variety of features to the yarn and makes the yarn an ideal material for daily use and fashion. In our day, many clothing brands that are in the position of leadership of the global market produces new value added products with Vortex. Needs can be met with the innovative features of Vortex.  




• Less rupture and cleaner appearance, 

• High resistance to hairing and abrasion,

• High moisture absorption,

• Less shrink and high washing resistance,

• Can be weaved with ranged materials such as Cotton, synthetic yarn, regenerated yarn and mixed yarn,

• Suitable yarn quality as concise yarn.

In this study, the features of some fabrics made out of vortex yarn have been examined comparatively. In Vortex spinning, during the spinning process, fiber shorter than 12 mm is chosen and fiber that has effective length gets spinned. This situation fulfils the mission to perform teaseling process simultaneously with spinning. In Vortex system that has ideal spinning features, hair above 3 mm which is known as negative hairing has been eliminated. Burning process may not be performed on the fabrics that are attained from these yarns.


Moisture Absorption and Fast Drying


It gives comfort feeling in sportive activities, in humid summer nights and other times. High-twisted yarns give a cold and dry feeling but the criticized aspect of these yarns is that it cannot absorb moisture well. Vortex yarn is able to absorb moisture well and has a unique twist technology.  In the graphic below moisture absorption values belonging to ring and vortex yarns are seen.


Washing and Wearing Resistance


Comparison of fabrics attained from %100 Vortex and %100 viscose ring yarns after 5 washing. It is seen that Vortex yarn is more resistant to corrosion arising from washing.


Pilling Resistance


In Martindale testing device pilling values in 2000 spin.

Checking the graphic, It can be seen that Karvis yarn pilling value is significantly better than the pilling value of viscose yarn that is produced in open end and ring.


Color Pureness Comparison


While color value of the fabric that is weaved by Vortex is 4 after 100 washing, color value of the fabric that is weaved by open end viscose yarn is 3.




Viscose and Viscose mixed weaved Fabrics


Fiber features:

Viscose is very suitable for printing and dying with its moisture absorption feature. Moreover, because of fiber features, colors appear to be bright.


Viscose fiber can be used mixed with other fibers like cotton, linen, silk, Lyocell Tencel, Mpdal and wool.


Areas of Usage:


Viscose is less hair rate and smoother surface in production. Production capacity is also higher than cotton.

Viscose fabric is elegant and comfortable. Viscose fabric has a quite soft touching. Thanks to its lubricious tissue it is coherent with the skin, which brings comfortable usage with it. Especially in weaved fabric, it is mostly chosen for its brightness.


They are fabrics that are mostly prefered especially in female top clothing.


Viscose fiber turns into high quality, first class fabrics by Gokcag Textile’s best quality principle in accordance with our customer’s quality expectations.

Gokcag Textile viscose fabric qualities distinguish with single jersey in Open-end, Ring and Vortex twists, rib, interlock, camisole, two-yarn, three-yarn, steely interlock type weaving variations.

In our production, there are many qualities in variety of widths and weights as spandex fiber viscose and %100 Viscose fabric.