Viscose and Viscose mixed knitted Fabrics


Fiber features:

Viscose fiber is very suitable for printing and dying with its moisture absorption feature. Moreover, because of fiber features, colors appear to be bright.


Viscose fiber can be used mixed with other fibers like cotton, linen, silk, Lyocell Tencel, Mpdal and wool.


Areas of Usage:


Viscose knitted fabric is less hair rate and smoother surface in production. Production capacity is also higher than cotton.


Viscose knitted fabric is elegant and comfortable. Viscose fabric has a quite soft touching. Thanks to its lubricious tissue it is coherent with the skin, which brings comfortable usage with it. Especially in knitted fabric, it is mostly chosen for its brightness.


They are fabrics that are mostly prefered especially in female top clothing.


Viscose fiber turns into high quality, first class fabrics by Gokcag Textile’s best quality principle in accordance with our customer’s quality expectations.


Gokcag Textile viscose knitted fabric qualities distinguish with single jersey in Open-end, Ring and Vortex twists, rib, interlock, camisole, two-yarn, three-yarn, steely interlock type weaving variations.

In our production, there are many qualities in variety of widths and weights as spandex fiber viscose and %100 Viscose fabric.