Our dye facility that has 45 tons stager dye capacity a day has increased its quality and so that its chance of competition by renovating itself constantly and with updated products of technology and chemistry.

    All dying machines are full automatic and have computer hardware. Dyes and chemicals that our dye machines use are weighed and dosed in automation system. Dying processes are actualized based on dying process by making necessary controls according to relevant procedure and the process is being kept under control. The knowledge of in which machine the production take place and in which stage it is can be monitored via receipt monitoring programs.

     Our company that has a mission to use the latest technology in its every machine has minimized misfortunes that can occur during production by this means. Personnel that we are working for years are specialists in their field. Thanks to our machines that can dye every party from 100 kilos to 1200 kilo, our deadline duration is becoming faster. Our pad batch dye system gives fabric more vivid and bright colors. Our Ferraro brand sanforizing machines, best in quality, annihilate shrinking problems. With the packaging method that we use , Our product reaches to the peach in stability and visuality.